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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MDG offer more than just 3-D renderings?

Yes! We are landscape design firm with a focus on hardscape centric projects associated with pools and spas, cabanas, barbeques, fireplaces and the like. We can provide you with scaled conceptual drawings as well as Home Owner's Association ready drawings. See services for a full description of our offerings.

How much does MDG charge for these types of services?

MDG is very competitively priced. We have been creating and designing for over twenty years and know the value of good design. The "cost" of an MDG plan is much less expensive than the construction expenses and overruns typical when a poor design has been executed. Please call or email our offices for a quote on your specific project!

Why isn't a flat, plan view drawing in black and white sufficient these days?

Plans that do not incorporate elevations, sections, 3-D renderings and rich graphic color are a thing of the past. Many contractors and even landscape architects still rely on older technology and crude sketches to portray your "second biggest investment". These archaic means of drafting, although acceptable for working drawings, don't tell the whole story of the design. Our rich 3-D environments aide both the homeowner and the contractor alike in that they communicate the intention of the design. Style, material, proportion, etc. are readily understood as a result of being able to see your plan in colorful 3-D!

Do you service my location?

More than likely we can serve your needs and your location. If we cannot travel to your location we can take advantage of technology and connect via digital images, satellite imagery and phone. We are available to travel to a non-local location for an additional fee. Please contact our office to discuss your project's specific needs.

Why should I pay to have a design done when my contractor is offering his design for free?

Many contractors offer their rough designs for free to the homeowner. Unfortunately, this approach usually brings about more confusion than clarity. Imagine the reality of having three different plans before you with three different bids! Unless you are very versed in construction exterior construction practices you will find this process confusing, irritating and potentially very costly!

Do you give any construction advice along with your designs?

Yes! MDG has been in an around construction, mainly exterior construction services - pools, spas, remodels, hardscape, landscape and the like, for the past two decades! We can help to guide through the process, alleviating many of the pitfalls that customers fall into.

Does Morton Design Group have a list of reliable contractors that they work with? Yes. We are proud to share our "preferred contractors list" with our clients upon request after we enter into a design agreement.

How long does it take to get a plan designed?

Our design process runs anywhere from four to eight weeks typically. After the initial on-site consultation meeting, you can expect a three to four-week span before our initial design concepts are completed and ready for your review. After our second meeting, we will work on implementing any necessary changes to the design, adding another one to two weeks. If you have opted for the Home Owner's Compliance Package you can expect to add an additional two weeks.

Do you charge for your initial consultation?

No. Our first meeting is a no cost, no obligation meeting (some exceptions may apply such as location) at your residence. After the first meeting, MDG will send a customized "design estimate" for your acceptance. You will then decide whether or not to proceed with your customized exterior design.